Imagine this moment

Sometimes you can only find your words within someone else’s. With so many feelings from this weekend, I turned to Vice President-Elect, Kamala Harris’, speech on Saturday night, November 7, 2020. This is a found poem from that speech.

little girl watching

little girl watching
imagine this moment--

generations of women paved the way. 
they marched to victory. 
tested, they proved their backbone. 
overlooked, they did the good work
with heart, integrity, generosity. 
their beautiful voices
delivered a new day. 

little girl watching--
be heard. 
be prepared. 
be unburdened. 

You won't be the last. 

(c) jenny c. lares. 2020.

(A found poem is a poetic form where you take a piece of literature, circle words that resonate with you and a create a poem from those words. It’s a go-to form for me because sometimes a blank page is scary and intimidating so starting with words already chosen fuels the writing and creativity.)

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